Binary Hole Project: How the Protocol work?

• Bargaining: First of all, client offer us a Price and describe his project.And After offering; The client is contact by the agents of Binary bole. And they speak frankly about the project & discuss about budget , time and quality

• Confirmation: After Speaking with each other ; both of the client and agent come to a static price , Delivery time and Quality.

• Broadcast: The Projcet get posted by the Binaryhole on its job section and freelacner bids on it. The Project can be also done by the official member of BH.

• Deposit: Clients have to Deposit the Money to the BH account to Let The Job start.

• Approval: The Best Freelancer having a Low Amount of Demand and faster delivery commitment got Permission to Do The Job.

• Submission & Cross-Examing: The Worker Submit the Job to the Binary hole Agent and he approve the Submission if the Submission is appropiate.and if not freelancer have to Do the Job again

Delivery: After getting Perfect Submssion by Freelancer ; The Project got delivered to the client and The Money got transfered to the Freelancer Account.

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