So, Finally we have thought to make the platform  more profitable for both of us.As a  Part of development ; We have decided to Update the Platform. There is both of Good and Bad news for you!

What is the Plus Point(s)?

New Update is coming with Something really good for you.Have a look the features of new Platform:

  • Automatic verification: There is no need of waiting for admin approval. Now the verification will be just automatic.
  • Refer via refer link: In Previous Season, It was a matter of panic to ask your friend for inputting your username as Invites name.Now making Invite has made easy!Get your link and just share it.
  • VIP Pass Season 2: Enjoy the all new VIP Pass Season 2. More mission, More task,More Income.
  • Contest in every week: Lets win reward by participating contest in every 7 Days

The Bad News:

New season is starting with a huge amount of bad news, By the way ; They are not so bad at all. Check out some features that may cause panic to you:

  • Ads,Ads & Ads: We are sorry, But we have to add some Ads (Popunders and On click Window) in order to run our Project.Manage them Please! We love you <3
  • Membership: At Past,In order to get a membership, You had to Fill a form and Submit it.But now, You have to buy a product.Even If you don’t have a money,You have to get registered by purchasing Free Pass at 0 taka.
  • Gamer fest: Do something for gamers: In new season, there will be a great arrangement to make gamers rewarded.
  • Gaming item added on the Shop: Player will get option to buy Gaming Item from the shop
  • New Task, New Mission: New Task and mission for every user.

So Insider, Get Ready to ride 😘😘

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