We have been thinking for a long time to let your friend work for you.So, Finally, We’ve found a way out.We are going to announce our Recruitment challenge!Earn 5 Taka For Every refer you made!

To make the process more easier & Automatic, We have removed registration form from our web.As a Replacement, we have added a A Product call, “Free Member ship” which is completely free. In Order to register in this web, Any Person have to Purchase any of the product. Of course,Any person can purchase Free Membership in order to become a member.


  • Log in to your account.Navigate to My Account>Wallet>Referral
  • Get your Referral link ; Then share it to your friends.
  • Ask your friend to Go my account and click on Register Button
  • Ask them to add free membership in their cart and check it out
  • During check out, they have to create a new account.Ask them input their desired Email and Pass with username
  • Then they have to complete OTP verification.
  • Congratulation! They have made it for will be credited instantly

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