Book Reselling Program: The Quality we maintain

The Mission of our book reselling program is to spread the book countrywide at a cheap price. The all the book are there second hand ; But we maintain Quality during Selling Any book.  We  divide our books into Following  Quality:

1st Class

  • All Page Included in the book
  • No unnecessary spot in the book (May be there will be Underline on the Important  line)
  • Book has No name written on it.

2nd Class

The 2nd Class has following  Quality:

  • May be a name of previous owner can be founded on the book
  • There may be some unnecessary  spot on the book.
  • All Page included
  • All text readable

3rd Class:

You will get the following characteristics in a 3rd Class book:

  • All Page included
  • There may be some art found in the book and also some unnecessary spot and name.
  • Reader may not read some paragraph due to spot.
  • 70℅ + Text will be clear and can be read

A little Inconsistency can be considered in the case of classifying books

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