Play PUBG and Call of Duty without making Data on or off and with Normal ping in Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Playing The PUBG And Call of duty Mobo has been quite a trouble of Bangladeshi Gamers. To get rid of this problem, Some of the gamers choose Vpn, But the ping of VPN remains very high which spoil the fun of gaming.

The others prefer to turn the data ON And OFF. As a gamer,  I’ve  Experienced that it is the most annoying  thing that I have ever done to enjoy the gaming!

What will happens if we get a better solution of this annoying problem?  A solution where there will be no panic of Making Data on or Off and Also the ping will be Normal? Well, I ‘m here to show you the solution of this annoying Problem.You may use a strong Connection that use Cloudsfare’S DNS.

What is WARP?

Short Description about WARP


  • Download the From here

  • Open the App and Select Enable “ with warp ” Button.
  • Now You are ready to enjoy a smoother gaming
Warp Connected ; Lets get back to gaming

Please note: We have tested it on PUBG Mobo only. It has not been tasted on COD Mobo,But basing on others review,It is estimated that it will work with Call of Duty Mobo too.

Time to Give a test Drive:

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