Recruitment Challenge #01

Hello, Insiders Assalamu-alaykum. At last we are going to announce our Recruitment Challenge for you. Any body can join in this Challenge

What is Recruitment Challenge?

Recruitment challenge is a Chance for all Insider to earn a good amount of money by just giving Dawah to their FNF and let them join in the Community.

Why Recruitment Challenge is Different

This challenge is Different from general referral system. When You recruit any new insider in the community you generally get the 5℅ Commission of your Friends frist purchase.But in this challenge, Every Registered Member will Get 0.1$ for per recruitment.


  • The Challenge will online from 12-02-1441 to 18-02-1441
  • All Participant must add at least 10 Member to Get Reward
  • All Refer should be real. One wrong refer and you are out.
  • If any one Do a wrong refer by mistake, He must have to contact with admin as soon as possible
  • The registration will be open for next 12 Hours. Please note that after this period No body can register this challenge anymore.
  • The Payment will be paid after the Challenge is being closed

How to join?

To join to this challenge login to your account, Comment on this post and have a chat with us in live chat section.

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