Earn More with One of the most Privacy Focused Browser

Hello Insider, Assalamu-alaikum. I hope You all are well and spending your vacation nicely. I am also as you. Today I’ll talk About one of the most privacy focused Browser.And The name this browser is “Brave”

What is Brave?

The Brave is one of the most grossing browser in the internet. It helps you to get rid of annoying ads and provide you a safe and Comfortable Journey.

Why Brave?

There may be a question arrive in your mind My Browser is working fine; Then why should I use Brave? Have a look why should you use brave:

The Skilled Developer

Brave was Developed by the Co-founder of Morzila Firefox, The on of the most famous browsers in internet. The Developers of the Brave is working hard to make your internet Journey more easier.You are not a Product

The Brave believe that the user of internet are not a product. But the most of the browser use netizens like a product.They analyses their personal interest and run their business through it.

8X Faster than Chrome and safari

Hey there! Do you want to experience the web like never before? Then I Personally suggest you to Get the Brave. This is faster than Chrome and Safari. [Ref: The brave.com]

Brave Vs Chrome.Brave wins!

Save Data, Save Money!

In a analysis it is found that the average mobile Browser pays as much as 23$  data charges to download ads and trackers — that’s $276 a year.A huge amount for mobile data users. You may be a Wifi users, But why you will load the ads which is not useful to you at all? Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you don’t pay for them.


Popular sites often host multiple ads and as many as 70 trackers per site. Worse, most leading ad blockers still allow trackers through to profile your location, behaviour and other browsing activity. [Ref: brave.com]

Earn rewards and give back to your favourite Creators

Brave Blockchain

Support your favorite sites with micropayments. Brave features blockchain-based tokens which can be used to reward content creators.

Join Brave Rewards

Your attention is valuable. Earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and pay it forward to support content creators you love.

Claim your Free Money
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So What are you waiting for? Download Brave!

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